Rob Krimm Rigging

Rob Krimm Rigging



     Huntress flexi arm rig available in IK or FK, has space switching for Head, Clavicle, World & Pelvis that may be needed to create a shoulder shrug, or smooth weight shifting. Head control has space switching for Neck, Chest, COG & World to help animators create a fluid weight shift without needing to counter animate the FK head control. Spine flexi rig has FK action with an IK offset, without the need for switching. SDK poses on the hand; when combined create multiple hand poses very quickly. Wrist twists over 360 degrees without flipping.

     26 blend shapes were used to create the FACS face rig. I then used a combination of joints, weight painting & blendshapes to create the necessary expressions. I'm sure more expressions can be made with this face rig, but I've animated a few to give an idea of what is possible.

     Dragon wing SDK poses to create a multitude of flapping motions very easily and quickly. Wing mesh did not have proper edge loops on the digits, which required me to develop a quick method to paint smooth weights over an unconventional topology. Each wing flap can be painted and looking professional in under 30 min. Flexi spine has IK offset, and space switching for world or pelvis. Neck and Tail have smooth twisting motions and FK with IK offset. IK/FK leg for walking and flying, and a robust foot roll.

     The Crysis 2 (Biped Rig) is mocap ready. I chose this model because it has UV's and textures & I wanted to show how the corrective blendshapes deformed the mesh. This effectively shows how the muscles can still flex while the hard surface areas remain intact. I used MAYA 2017's new pose interpolator. This made all the difference in creating the necessary blend shapes. All shapes are able to be tweeked even after they are rigged. This allows me to get the rig out faster with confidence that updates can be made on the fly.

  • Harry Robert Krimm